Create space to share ideas, analyze society, and think critically. Put theory into practice.

KmB is a volunteer-run organization serving the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas. We unite youth and build the larger community’s understanding of the need for national and social liberation for our local communities as well as the Philippines by creating spaces to share ideas, analyze society, and think critically. Our studies and training workshops are geared towards advancing the knowledge and skills of the youth to be proactive leaders integrated within the community. By putting theory into practice, KmB addresses a wide range of issues that contribute to working towards systemic change.

KmB works nationally and internationally with organizations who unite the working class and create conditions for self-determination. KmB stands against interventionist policies and practices that subjugate the people.

How to Become a Member

Submit a membership application
Complete the three month introductory period
Participate in basic education courses
Take the pledge

General Meetings

General meetings are held every last Wednesday of the month, 8-10pm in Historic Filipinotown.


All members are between the ages of 13-35 years of age. Those 12 and under are Provisionary Members, while those 36 and over are Honorary Members.

Active Membership

All active members participate in activities, programs, and committees of the organization and have voting power in guiding the overall direction of the organization.

Executive Committee

Members in good standing may be elected into KmB’s leadership, the Executive Committee. Leaders are trusted by the general membership to exercise decisions based on the mission, vision, and principles of the organization. Members who have been in the organization for a full year are eligible for leadership positions. All members can be appointed into deputy positions.