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For the Culture: The 5th Annual Pilipinx Visibility Week by the SIKAP Coalition

Education is said to be the “great equalizer.” But what happens when the institutions meant to teach us do not treat us as equal? As part of the SIKAP Coalition, KmB is participating in the 5th Annual Pilipinx Visibility Week. Visibility, because the education provided by a system that maintains the status quo, aims to […]

Why Culturally Relevant Education Matters

Pilipinx Visibility Week 2017 This year’s #PilipinxVisibilityWeek began on April 9th, the 75th anniversary of the Bataan Death March. The week was full of events on nine different college campuses around Southern California educating their fellow students about Filipino culture, contextualizing our place in the political climate, and proclaiming the necessity of learning about our […]

SIKAP’s #DoubleErasure Campaign

The Pilipinx experience will not be erased from education. Our identity is not an elective. We wear our history on our sleeves. Join SIKAP’s #DoubleErasure campaign every Tuesday of October for Pilipinx-American History Month. Why #DoubleErasure? The term was coined in accordance with Pilipinx issues following the observed erasure of our people from higher education […]

SIKAP Social Mixer

Bringing back Little Manila to Little Tokyo. Thank you all for coming to our SIKAP Social Mixer! Let’s continue to build bridges. Contact us at if you are interested to join the fight for Pilipinx Studies.

The Fight for Pilipinx Studies Continues

Salute to Cal Poly Pomona, Mount St. Mary’s University, and all organizations for carrying on the fight for Pilipinx Studies on their respective campuses. We discussed how there is a need to retain the classes we have, hire more Filipino faculty to teach those classes, and challenge administration who believe our culture/language is not justifiable […]