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Justice for Kian: Stop Extrajudicial Killings

August 26, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Reference, Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB / Pro-People Youth) Kabataang maka-Bayan or KmB / Pro-People Youth strongly condemns the use of state-sanctioned violence against the people of the Philippines. Extrajudicial killings are a blatant violation of human rights and due process of the law. As a progressive youth organization, […]

Civic Engagement in the Pilipinx Community

The Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) hosted a forum on September 10th to discuss the impact of this election on the Filipino American community and to encourage civic engagement. Chairperson Eddy M. Gana Jr. was on the panel to discuss issues and politics from the youth perspective. He brought up the importance of challenging the two-party […]

In Solidarity With Indigenous People

As Filipino-Americans, we recognize today’s “founding of Los Angeles” by honoring the indigenous Tongva people. We will never forget: we are on stolen land. We dialogued about making space, taking space, and acknowledging space. Colonization occurred from the Philippines to North America. Although we are here, let us not continue using the tools of the […]

We Are Pro-People, Not Pro-Party

We are not pro-party. We are pro-people. Even leftist leaders need to be held accountable. Extrajudicial killings in the Philippines are an attack on the working class. Without due process, this is a clear violation of human rights. As Filipino-Americans, we stand in solidarity with the people of the Philippines against Duterte’s state-sanctioned violence.