Congratulations Summer Activist Training 2013 Participants

On August 1, 2013 the youth in Carson and Cerritos also known as SCRAPS (Students and Community Rooted in the Advancement of Pilipino Struggle) along with youth from all over Los Angeles County completed their Summer Activist Training sessions put together by KmB Pro-People Youth. The classes started on July 11th where the first session […]

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We Are Not Your Fetish

On July 31st 2013, a music video done by an independent LA all male band went viral and stirred up quite the controversy. It stirred up not only Asian Americans, but all people of color, especially among the women and youth.  The music video is blatantly racist, misogynistic, and objectifies Asian American women. The band […]

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KmB’s Statement from the California Unity March Against Police Brutality on July 21, 2013 at Anaheim City Hall

It seems fitting that this past week of rallies for Trayvon Martin would be sandwiched between the release of Fruitvale Station and the one-year anniversary of the Anaheim uprising against police brutality. Reasonable people understand why the Stand Your Ground law is absurd, as it allows an aggressor to murder an innocent person if they feel threatened at any time during the confrontation which they initiated. However, this barbaric license to kill is not a new concept. American law enforcement and military operate within this low threshold for the justified use of deadly force everyday against the working-class people they’re hired to harass. The only thing that Florida has done is extend that unchecked power to privileged citizens. Rather than reform this single law, KmB, Pro-People Youth demands this power be eliminated entirely from the hands of all authority.

Being students of history, KmB reaffirms that the role of the so-called US Justice System has never been to deliver justice, but to defend the interests of the ruling elite. The issue before all working-class people now is whether we will continue to allow white supremacy to control our lives or whether we will fight to dismantle it.


We’ve been here before, when that body on the ground was that of Emmett Till, Rodney King, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Troy Davis, Aiyana Jones and countless others. A country which claims to have “justice for all” would not so consistently produce this outcome. The founding of this country itself was an act of white supremacy, built on the destructive principles of racism, patriarchy, and property rights. When property is valued more than human life, the question People of Color must confront is whether we’re much better off as second-class citizens than we were as property.

President Obama has been praised for offering platitudes and recalling times when he was racially profiled himself, but he has still offered no actual remedy to this injustice. Instead, he reaffirmed the jury’s decision and authority of the system to suppress us. Contrary to the president’s attempt to placate PoC by insisting that “we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken,” KmB asserts that such laws are illegitimate as they were created by the ruling elite to maintain white supremacy. We don’t need soothing condescension from our leaders. We need fiery indignation which will shake the comfortable from their seats.

By allowing Zimmerman to go free, the system has proven itself guilty. The violent reaction of law enforcement to maintain this facade by further brutalizing dissenters engaging in civil unrest is proof that they fear our power. Law enforcement will readily protect property but who will protect us from law enforcement? We do not have faith in a system to deliver justice when that system is the same tool used to suppress us. The people are frustrated. They need more than hope and promises of a better day that never comes. We are demanding justice, not asking for it. We are creating equality, not begging for it.

photo by Mario Anzuoni

KmB supports the disruption of the system through strategic confrontations with authority, shutting down economic institutions which enable our subjugation, and any other tactic that the people most affected by these systemic tragedies choose to take. We also support constructive solutions, such as intersectional coalition building, the establishment of alternative community-run institutions, and the strengthening of militant movements which are desperately needed to protect ourselves from the violence of this empire.

We can’t have a real discussion about the murder of young men of color unless we talk about the patriarchal ideal of male dominance. We can’t have a full conversation on racial inequality unless we discuss all of the inequalities created by capitalism. And we can’t fully talk about capitalism without addressing it in its highest form of imperialism.

As people united, we will show the ruling elite that there are real consequences to killing young People of Color, not just in this country but around the world. Working class people have only ever gotten justice in the streets through militant action. That is the justice we will continue to seek and fight for. We stand with the global proletariat, ready to bring about the revolutionary change we need to survive – a change which is not achieved through the reparation of abuses but through a complete transfer of power to the people.