Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB), or Pro-People Youth, is a progressive organization dedicated to raising the social consciousness of the next generation. We encourage youth to organize and mobilize in response to the issues affecting our local communities, the oppressed people of the Philippines, and other pro-people issues around the world.


Our studies and training workshops are geared towards advancing the knowledge and skills of the youth to be proactive leaders integrated within the community. KmB unites youth and builds the larger community’s understanding of the need for national and social liberation in the Philippines by creating spaces to share ideas, analyze society, and think critically. By putting theory into practice, KmB addresses a wide range of issues that contribute to working towards systemic change.

General Meetings

Every first Thursday, 7pm – 9pm
Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles

If not now, when? It is only us. Because I believe that it’s only the people and the people themselves who are the real makers of history.