Justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tondy McDade, and Countless Others

Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB / Pro-people Youth) once again stands firmly in solidarity with the victims of police brutality, murder, and state-sanctioned violence, most recently, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery. We demand justice for them, their loved ones, and all others affected by this tragedy. As a Pilipinx-American youth organization, we demand that Black lives matter because our struggle is bound to theirs. It is within their liberation that we can find ours, too. 

There are two viruses in this country: COVID-19 and racism. Black bodies continue to be disproportionately murdered by White supremacist, capitalist structures either at the hands of racist, power-mongering cops or from the historical, and social barriers that exacerbate diseases like the present pandemic. These structures have existed in the US for over 400 years and will continue to center anti-Blackness until Black lives collectively matter. From the founding of this nation-state, White supremacy has and continues to misuse Black bodies to amass property and wealth from places that belong to indigenous peoples and cultures. To reach genuine liberation, we must build solidarity with marginalized communities in order to dismantle White supremacy and settler-colonial operation. 

It is particularly alarming that one of the arresting officers and murderers of George Floyd, Officer Tou Thao, is a member of the Hmong community. To continue ignoring the realities of anti-Blackness within Asian and Asian-American communities, we become tacitly supportive of the White supremacist institutions that enslave all communities of color. We must remember that our struggles are intertwined and that so long as one of us is not free, none of us are free.

Black and Pilipinx solidarity stretches back more than 120 years ago to the Philippine-American War. Having witnessed the atrocities committed by the US Empire, David Fagen and a group of fellow Black soldiers, heroically defected to the Philippine Revolutionary Army. While Fagen and the others could no longer be party to upholding and enforcing institutionalized racism, they also recognized that their only choice was to actively fight against this same system that subjugated Black and Brown bodies. It is by that revolutionary spirit that we call on all Pilipinxs to stand in solidarity and work together with our Black siblings to dismantle the systems that oppress us all today.

To that end, we call for the immediate arrest of the four police officers involved with the murder of George Floyd. We demand that all officers involved in police brutality cases be held accountable, swiftly and justly. We demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and the countless others before them. We demand a comprehensive policy for transparent investigation processes due to law enforcement misconduct. We demand the end of police brutality and state-sanctioned violence. We demand justice for the ongoing brutalization of Black people rooted in historical and ongoing oppression. We call upon our Asian and Asian-American community to be present, open, and engaged with the Black community. To eliminate the Model Minority Myth that is used to commodify and weaponize our community, we as Pilipinxs must unpack our internalized anti-Blackness, call out systemic and interpersonal racism, and build solidarity through direct actions.

Ways to take action:

  1. Demand justice for #AhmaudArbery; Text JUSTICE to 55156 to sign the petition.
  2. Demand justice for #DreasjonReed (Reed’s parents have requested the use of correct name, not Sean). Read about what happened and share what you learn.
  3. Demand justice for #BreonnaTaylor who was shot 8 times by the cops who were at the wrong house while the actual suspect was already in police custody. No one has been held responsible. Take action here.
  4. Donate to trans advocacy organizations like TGI Justice Project.
  5. Donate to Minnesota Freedom Fund to help individuals arrested in Minneapolis while protesting the murder of George Floyd.

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