Taking the Streets of Hollywood on Veterans Day

Demand an End to 70 Years of Injustice Against Filipino American Veterans

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 4, 2016 – Hundreds of marchers from over 50 endorsing organizations across Southern California will come together to hold a march in the heart of Hollywood on Friday, November 11, 2016, Veterans Day, to advocate for equity for Filipino American veterans who have been denied recognition for their service.

The action is led by Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), an alliance of community and student organizations united in the pursuit of equity for the thousands of veterans living in the United States. Veterans, widows, surviving relatives, university students, community members, and other advocates will be present on Veterans Day.

“Up to now, the Filipino World War II veterans are unrecognized. Our community, the Filipino community, is unrecognized,” said Arturo Garcia, the National Coordinator for JFAV. “That’s how grave the situation is. We must really continue the fight because it has been 70 years. There’s no equity. They must have their equity right now.”

During World War II, an estimated 250,000 Filipinos and 7,000 Filipino-Americans were drafted or volunteered to join the United States Armed Forces of the Far East (USAFFE) to fight Japanese Imperialism in the Philippines. As a result of their service, the US government promised that the Filipinos would receive full recognition as American veterans.

But on February 18, 1946 the Rescission Act of 1946 was passed and declared that their service “shall not be deemed to be or to have been service in the military or national forces of the United States or any component thereof or any law of the United States conferring rights, privileges or benefits.” To this day, this racist law remains in place, barring veterans from being fully recognized as American veterans and therefore preventing them from getting equal access to services they deserve.

Gathering for the mobilization starts at Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar Ave. at 10am for a rally before taking the streets of Hollywood Blvd. The march will end at the TCL Chinese Theater.

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) is a nationwide alliance of Filipino World War II veterans organizations, youth, students, and community advocates based in the United States. Its aim is to attain the full recognition and just compensation, rights, and benefits for Filipino World War II veterans, their widows, and families here in the United States and those in the Philippines.

Stephanie Sajor
Working Committee
Justice for Filipino American Veterans


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